Dental Marketing Business Plan

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Top Dog

Web Design for Dentists basic professional advanced
Developed pages up to 10 up to 20 up to 40
Domain - Geo targeted & redirected. First year included, $20 per year after that.
Strong call to action
Blog setup basic professional advanced
SEO integration basic professional advanced
Online booking form
Search engine friendly navigation
Instagram smile gallery - live feed
Website usability audit
Financing integration
Web hosting - includes FREE domain, setup/transfer, uptime of 99.98%, unlimited emails, MySQL databases, and more + $240 per/yr + $240 per/yr + $240 per/yr
Logo design or redesign add-on add-on add-on
Mobile Site (Doubles Your Search Indexing) responsive site mobile app mobile app
Convert all pages
Javascript redirects for all pages
Real time updates
Click to call, map, text, social media, & other powerful buttons
Facebook, YouTube, Yelp reviews, & RSS feeds
Google checkout & PayPal payment apps
Compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, & Android smart phones
Constant Contact sign up integration
Mobile site is adaptable to all markup languages (HTML. PHP, XHTML, etc)
Mobile analytics - setup and analytics
Mobile site submission to top search engines
Setup of mobile redirects from main site
1 sub URL for mobile site - m.yourdomain.com or mobile.yourdomain.com
Creation of iPhone app that bookmarks your site
Link in footer to go to classic view (full site view)
Mobile SEO of content
Mobile meta tags
Mobile hosting - 3rd party. First year included, but $25 per/mo after that.
Dental Search Engine Optimization 3 months 3 months 3 months
Dedicated account representative
Keyword optimization - short and long tail
Meta tags - title, description, and keyword
Head tags optimization - H1 to H6
301 redirects - fix broken links from old pages to corresponding new pages
404 error page
Robot text file
Submissions - DMOZ, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and 70+ other search engines
Webmaster tools - Google and Bing
Google Analytics - setup, goals, analysis
Reporting - keywords, competitor, traffic, online visibility quarterly quarterly monthly
Copywritten blog articles - external article directories 1 per month bi-weekly weekly
Blog summary postings - on-site 1 per month bi-weekly weekly
Software setup
Alt text added to images
Sitemaps - both HTML/PHP and XML
Decrease web page load time
Link audit
Duplicate content analysis
Universal SEO - videos, maps, news on site
Online Dental Marketing 3 months 3 months 3 months
Dedicated account representative
Social network link building
Hashtag development
Social share buttons
Social media icons
PPC campaigns - Setup, maintenance, and budget included. Plus, diversification. small budget medium budget large budget
Free listings/directories/forums - claiming, submitting, completing 5 10 20
Reputation control   monitoring management
Profile cover images, profiles images, and Facebook tab
Bing and Yahoo Profile
Profiles - Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest L, F, G, Y only L, F, G, Y, T only all 6
Instagram posting monthly bi-weekly weekly
Social postings weekly multiple weekly daily
Reviews - promote, post our own, and setup Yelp, Google+ and Angieslist
YouTube slideshow - create, upload, optimize, link, and design custom thumbnail
Better Business Bureau (BBB) - integrate into site, but you must purchase first
Groupon or Living Social promo setup
Smile Reminder - integrate into site with link, but you must purchase first
Paid sponsored listings - Extra powerful features on 50+ sites, maps and apps. First year included, but $800 per year after that.
Call tracking add-on add-on add-on
Email campaigns add-on add-on add-on
Direct mail add-on add-on add-on
3 Mo. Min. Commitment




Tag Dental Marketing (aka TDM) starts off by creating a professional website foundation. Your site needs to contain solid information about your dental practice, as well as, strong calls to action. In addition, it must work on all platforms and devices. That way, patients can navigate it regardless of the tablet, phone, desktop or laptop. This boosts your exposure and makes your site start working for you.

Once we have a well-developed dental website in place, we start directing targeted traffic to it. We do this with varied marketing strategies, meaning that we employ a wide variety of techniques to market your dental business. These can include social media accounts and links, such as for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin; paid targeted advertising; Bing and Google profiles; email campaigns; and online reviews. The advantage of using so many tactics at once is that if one technique does not yield the exact level of expected results, other techniques will. This way, the dental marketing campaigns will not have its success or failure resting on one marketing channel.

With each client, we set both short-term and long-term goals simultaneously. While it’s great to watch your online presence climb in the first few weeks, it is important to think long-term so that once your initial boost ends, you are not left back where you started with nothing to show for your investment. You want your community presence to continue to improve in the months that follow. For that reason, it is important to think long-term when we plan your dental campaign. And guess what, Tag Dental Marketing is one of the best with helping you through that.

When your dental practice is booming and your profit is climbing, it can be easy to get complacent. However, it is important to continue building your clientele so that business is consistent with no dry spells. You want to make sure you can continue to run and market your company successfully, and for that, you need a constant stream of new patients.

If you wait until you start a downward slope, it will take longer for marketing techniques to take effect, no matter how many you use. You also risk limiting your options when it comes to marketing your dental clinics, since your budget may become too tight for certain major techniques. In addition, current satisfied patients can be a great source of advertising, so if you have fewer patients passing on your name to their family and friends, you can obviously expect your referrals to decline. By bringing in new clientele before your client-base starts decreasing, you preserve your ability to continue marketing your practice effectively.

There are countless ways to put website components together, but not all of them will necessarily yield good results. There are many factors involved, including goals, hierarchy, experience, structure, color theory, site speed, SEO, coding, social media integration, operating systems, hosting, screen resolutions, and so on. Combining these in a way that functions on the front-end and backend, while being able to effectively reach & grab your patients attention is a challenge. It requires expertise in full service web design to successfully create a moneymaking machine that never calls in sick or requires health insurance.

Not only do you want your site to function properly, but you also want it to have a professional, unique look and feel that reflects your dental brand. It needs to be easy to navigate, informative about your practice and your services, and displays your happy clients. It also needs strong calls to action to bring patients into your office to see for themselves. There is a science to dental design, and it requires experience and training to build a site that won’t send people running into your competitors’ arms. We at TDM offer that experience and expertise, and we know what your site needs to maximize results.

As great as it is to have a professional site, it needs to work on all devices. In the case of custom websites, this can mean crafting a second site specifically for mobile devices. More and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets rather than traditional computers to access the internet. A separate mobile site, as opposed to a responsive design site, generally offers a better user experience with fewer bounces. With a separate site, you don’t have to worry about how your main site translates to a mobile interface. You have one specifically designed for it, so you can be confident it will do the job properly. Plus, we will have a better ability to control what is displayed to your audience such as shortening text, web exclusive promotions, click to call and map buttons, and much more. Did I mention Google, Yahoo, Bing and mobile apps all have their very own mobile index giving you lots of chances to get noticed? If your client prefers the full site version, it’s just a click of a button away, so everyone is happy!

First of all, online marketing strategies that use social media, forums and blogs help increase the exposure of your site and proves that you are an authority in the dental industry. The more places your name and clinics come up, the more likely people are to find you and remember you. And if you market in the right places online, such as YouTube and Facebook, where people tend to spend more and more time, you maximize your chances of being noticed. Done properly, this will boost legit traffic to your website, which will in turn boost your new patients and current loyalty.

The second fact is that, when used well, social media, blogs, and the internet can help people get a feel for your practice and be really sold on your services. People will come to your office if they trust you, and they are more likely to trust you if:

  • They see that you have the expertise to take care of their dental health properly.
  • They feel like you genuinely care about them as individuals and not dollar signs.
  • They can see what others are saying about you on Yelp, Google+, and other review sites.

Patients will want to know that you will only recommend procedures that are best for them. They want a dentist who is a relatable human being and personable. Through social media, forums and professional blog posts, people can see whom you are as a dentist, person, and team which motivates them further investigate your services.